I have been possessed with music as long as I can remember

but as a real late bloomer I first picked up the guitar when I was already 16 years old. Not seriously yet, but nevertheless the "Music seed" was planted permanently!

Because of the overall lack of bass players and surplus of guitarists in the early 80's my first real local band effort was as a bass player
in an obscure band called LEDGE.

However, I soon realized I really needed to become a real life guitar player

The very first band to write

my own material for as a Guitarist was in the late 80's with a band called
VERSAILLES (1987-1989).

Soon after that colorful experience too many to mention bands and try outs were subject to my everlasting search for my musical goals which were to be found somewhere between Rock and Metal and beyond! If it would be legit to mention one band from that period I think it must be LEGAL NOISE (1991 - 1992).

In 1994 I found
'the best of those both worlds'

by joining and developing a band called
MISCHIEF (1994-2002). Next to several Demo tapes a CD called VISIONS (SMP) was released in 1998.

was a very promising act musically but unfortunately different views with regard to the band's ambition made me ultimately leave MISCHIEF.

Late 2003 I joined the well known early 80's Heavy Rock Band


, revitalized in the beginning of the new millennium, appeared to be a very cooperative collective and next to other great achievements a brand new full length album called KEEPER OF THE EARTH
(Mausoleum 2008) was released worldwide through Mausoleum Records.

HIGHWAY CHILE remained a valid asset but in between the activities for HIGHWAY CHILE I also began to play a lot with the Hard Rock Cover band HEADS DOWN (2006-2010) featuring singer Ian Parry (Vengeance, Elegy, Consortium Project).

Because (creative) activities for HIGHWAY CHILE were not supported by the whole group after the release of KEEPER OF THE EARTH and there was also no regular gigging I
began to participate in too many to mention musical projects like for instance DUST (2007) which was a special project to support TALISMAN featuring
Jeff Scot Soto
(Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sons of Apollo).

I also played in Holland's first Metal band PICTURE for a year (2010-2011) and joined a Ronnie James DIO Tribute band called DEO in 2011.

After leaving PICTURE DEO was the regular outfit in those days but besides that I kept busy with various other musical projects like for instance AEROFORCE ONE which was an Aerosmith tribute band, Rock Cover project ROXX DOWN and DEATHRIDERS which is the band of original ANTHRAX singer Neil Turbin.

all that I am proud to have done
a very special one-off New Years show to celebrate the coming of 2015 with A TRIBUTE TO MONSTERS OF ROCK in Baroeg Rotterdam (NL).

Some shows were done in 2016

with a DEEP PURPLE tribute band with members of a.o. Ayreon, Epica and Elegy and an ALICE COOPER tribute band.

I continued to do various guest appearances, for instance with the iconic Metal band MARTYR and FRIENDS OF ROCK. The latter was a great event at Boerderij in Zoetermeer (NL) with a lot of great music friends to honor guitarist and friend Mario Roelofsen (RIP 1963 - 2015).

I joined DEATHRIDERS in 2016, DUTCH DISCIPLES in 2017 and left DEO early 2018.

Late August 2018 a debut album for a brand new Progressive rock/metal project with singer Bryan Ketelaars called AUGUST LIFE sees the light of day. NEW ETERNITY (Pt78) is a very strong concept album. It features on drums Hans in 't Zandt  (PRAYING MANTIS) on bass Peter Vink (AYREON, KNIGHTAREA) Rob van der Loo (EPICA), Marchell Remeeus (HELLOISE, HIGHWAY CHILE) and Harry den Hartog, Keyboards and Hammond Gerald Vos, backing vocals, Amèlie Mangelschots (AURACLE), Madicken Devries (ANNATAR, HEIDEVOLK) en Samantha Greenwood. On cello Jacqueline Hamelink (SOUNDING BODIES).

As of April 2019 we begun to do live shows with AUGUST LIFE and AUGUST LIFE is as of then a real band instead of a project. The debut album New Eternity is now also released on vinyl through No Dust Records.......

After some months, maybe even years, of pondering

I finally made the decision to leave HIGHWAY CHILE May 2020. I had great moments with this band but after almost 17 years of loyal duty it is now time to expand my musical horizon further.

As 2020 turns out to be a horrific year so far I am forced to reassess all my musical activities. Great shows with AUGUST LIFE and THE DUTCH DISCIPLES were / are cancelled and as plans made for 2020 are now on hold for continuation in 2021, all energy will go in making AUGUST LIFE's successor of NEW ETERNITY the best effort so far....

2021: As appitizer for the successor of AUGUST LIFE's debut New Eternity the band  decides to release a Mini Album with a brand new killer song called THE BROKEN HOURGLASS and other really fantastic goodies late February as it is decided ... no REAL LIVE shows ... no NEW album ...  but we are still here....


Watch the story to be continued...


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