I must have had MUSIC in my viens before I can remember but nevertheless I first picked up the guitar when I was already 16 years old.
Not seriously yet, but the
unconditional love for the instrument was born!!

Because everyone wanted to be a guitarist in the early 80's
my first real band effort was as a bass player for a local cover band called LEDGE (1983-1984).

I really needed to hit that stage....

On the process I deeply felt the need to be to be a guitar player though....

The very first attempt to write my own material for as guitarist was in the late 80's with a band called VERSAILLES

After this educational experience a versatility of bands and projects became subject to my inexhaustible lust for musical endeavours which were to be found somewhere between Rock and Metal usually!

One of the many gigs in that period of time was a cover band called  LEGAL NOISE (1991 - 1992).

In 1994
I joined and developed a HARD ROCK band called MISCHIEF (1994-2002). MISCHIEF was a very promising act musically. A demo tape called Energy was released in 1995 and a CD called VISIONS in 1998. Different views on the band's ambition as well as musical direction made me ultimately leave the band in 2002.

Late 2003 I joined HIGHWAY CHILE
. Revitalized in the beginning of the new millennium, back then, the band appeared to be a very cooperative collective. A brand new full length album called KEEPER OF THE EARTH was released worldwide through Mausoleum Records in 2008.

Next to HIGHWAY CHILE I began to play with the in 2006 founded high energy Hard Rock Cover band HEADS DOWN (2006-2010).

I also started to participate in various other musical projects like for example DUST (2007) which was a cover project initiated to support TALISMAN on their goodbye tour.

I played in Holland's first Metal band PICTURE for a year (2010-2011) and joined a newly founded Ronnie James DIO Tribute band called DEO early 2011.

DEO was the main outfit in those days

but besides that I did a lot of other musical projects like for instance ROXX DOWN Hard Rock covers (2012-2013),

AEROFORCE ONE Aerosmith tribute (2013),

A TRIBUTE TO MONSTERS OF ROCK Hard Rock covers (2014),

and DEATHRIDERS Anthrax songs (2014, 2016).

Some shows were done in 2016 with a DEEP PURPLE tribute band called PURPLE SHADE

and an ALICE COOPER tribute band called COOPER'S NIGHTMARE.

I also did various guest appearances with Dutch Metal pioneers MARTYR (2016-2018),

FRIENDS OF ROCK (2016, 2019) as well as shows with HIGHWAY CHILE.

I began to play with a new Ronnie James DIO tribute band THE DUTCH DISCIPLES in 2017

and consequently left DEO early 2018.

A brand new Prog melodic project called AUGUST LIFE is born and late August 2018, as a debut, the concept album NEW ETERNITY sees the light of day.

New Eternity is released on vinyl through
NO DUST RECORDS early 2019.

As of April 2019 AUGUST LIFE transforms from project to a real band and starts to do live shows

May 2020 I finally made the DECISION TO LEAVE HIGHWAY CHILE. Time to move on....

A Mini Album with a brand new killer song called THE BROKEN HOURGLASS and other really fantastic goodies is released in 2021 as appitizer for the successor of AUGUST LIFE's debut New Eternity.

A new Tribute band, a very special one, sees the light of day by the end of 2021... we are talking about a SAVATAGE tribute called SAVATAR. A long cherised wish for me...

As of June 2023 I play in the legendary Dutch hard Rock band VENGEANCE.










1998 -2022